Japanese Deba Knives

  • Used for more delicate work, most commonly involving fish
  • Beveled on one side, for a cleaner, thinner cut
  • Lengths range from 6 to 7 inches

Deba Bōchō pointed carvers are most commonly used for preparing fish fillets, although some chefs also use them for slicing tender meats. The edges are ground or beveled to sharp angles on a single side, according to the handedness of the user. This is ideal for separating fish meat from the bone, and pushes it away from the knife on the sharpened side, leaving a cleaner cut surface. Processing raw fish typically begins with severing the head at an acute angle using a firm rocking motion, and then ‘riding’ the blade horizontally across the bones to separate the delicate flesh into fillets.

The fine angle and single bevel allow chefs using Deba knives to slice fish paper-thinly, creating edible art that would be impossible with a western double-beveled knife. Japanese craftsmanship draws from a sword-making heritage, and blades are forged in fires up to 900 degrees Celsius (1650 degrees Fahrenheit) using centuries-old techniques.

Our Debas are for delicate work only and will not stand up to sustained chopping action. Please remember that an edge set at a sharp angle is more brittle than a western butcher’s knife. Maintain this delicate edge with our sharpening tools and you will have a kitchen knife that is a delight to work with. Host a dinner-party, and these exotic and unique implements will not only intrigue your friends, but also serve you well in crafting a wide array of dishes.

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