KIYA Kitchen and Chef Knives

Creating a tasty culinary masterpiece is best accomplished using the sharpest honed kitchen knives made from superior premium stainless steel such as you will find with our superb line of Kiya knives. Kiya has a distinguished history of making quality kitchen knives since Isuke Kato began manufacturing their eminent line of knives in Japan in 1792. Kiya kitchen chef knives offers lines made with the highest grade N680 stainless steel from the renowned German company Bohler Bleche and designed with a European approach and Japanese artistry so they are comfortable and easy to wield. More traditional Japanese kitchen knives can be found such as sushi knives, and knives with blades fashioned from Yasuki Shirogami steel, suitable for slicing and dicing all types of meats, fish and vegetables. Kiya also offers blades with double or single ground edges for long lasting and keen edges, no matter your preference. The knife handles are not just practical but are works of art, using such exotic and sturdy woods and natural materials such as magnolia, water buffalo horn and ebony wood and are hand polished. The Versed Chef Canada offers a wide selection of  blades of varying lengths so you can select the best Japanese kitchen knives to prepare your favourite meals.

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