Paring and Utility Kitchen Knives

Every kitchen needs a selection of handy utility and paring knives. These shorter blades are better suited for smaller jobs requiring more delicate knife-work. Paring knives often have a plain edge without serrations, but with a sharp tip, perfect for everything from de-veining a shrimp to removing seeds from a jalapeno or skinning mushrooms for garnish. Utility knives are larger and form the bridge to bigger chef’s knives. Use them when your task requires a more delicate balance between fine work and a weighty blade for heavier cutting tasks.

The Versed Chef range of smaller knives includes a sticking knife to dispatch an animal and a set of three butcher, boning and utility knives to process the carcass. We also have delicate, long-bladed tools for carving, filleting and garnishing to add embellishments to plated foods for haute cuisine effects.

Please remember to use these smaller kitchen tools for the delicate work for which they were intended, as they will not stand up to continual misuse. To keep them in their original condition, apply a sharpening tool weekly, or when you feel that the edge is no longer sharp.

  • Used for smaller, more intricate jobs
  • Lengths range from 3 to 8.6 inches (76 mm to 220 mm)

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