Professional Butcher Knives

Meat can comprise a wide variety of different cuts running in various directions, and each one can serve a specific, individual taste and experience for the palette. Trained butchers separate these cuts along a consistent grain to ensure a result that is tender and delicious. In turn, skilled chefs then select particular cuts of meat for use in a variety of recipes. It is this careful methodology which results in the delicious steaks and fillets we enjoy in restaurants and in our homes. However, this expert system cannot work unless the portion of the animal is butchered correctly using the appropriate knife.

The Versed Chef stocks the widest range of butcher knives available, from the finest factories with brand names you can trust. Some have sharp tips and broad blades for slicing sirloin, rump and fillet into delicious steaks, or portioning a bird. Others have curved blades for skinning game brought from the hunt. Still others, like our range of superb stiletto boning knives, help to debone a leg or shave fillets away from uncooked fish for super sushi. Whatever your purpose in the kitchen tonight, we have a blade perfectly suited for the occasion. Selecting the right knife will make the work ahead of you easy and fun. Sharp edges slice through meats and vegetables without strain, and the correct blade will help make your cuts clean and even.

We have also added a range of accessories, including ceramic and steel sharpeners, to help ensure your properly maintained investment will last a lifetime. 

  • Used for butchering a carcass or general-purpose meat-cutting
  • Double bevel with edge ground on both sides for greater versatility and ease of use
  • Lengths range from 5 to 10 inches (130 mm to 254 mm)

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