Professional Chef Knives

  • Used to slice meats, or for general-utility cutting, including dicing and chopping vegetables
  • Lengths range from 6 to 8 inches

Whether you are a professional chef in a busy restaurant or just a knowledgeable amateur in your own kitchen, every chef or cook knows you're only as good as the knives you use to prepare food. Whether you are slicing or dicing, an inferior knife will always quickly loose its edge and become more frustrating - and even dangerous - to use. Use the best chef knives in your kitchen with our selection of some of the finest professional chef knives made by some of the most highly respected manufacturers.

We offer chef's knives from around the world, including Sweden, Japan and Germany, in your choice length and style. We also carry full sets of knives, if you'd like to ensure your collection matches, and won't leave you embarrassingly empty-handed when suddenly called upon to cut a brunoise or a tourné. We can't promise that the right chef's knife will make you an expert in the kitchen right away, but it will make learning easier, safer and more fun, and you'll look good doing it.

We also offer the right accessories for your collection, including a knife block designed to resist bacteria and hold all your tools. All of our knives use the finest of carbon, tempered, and stainless steel blades made from some of the world's best-known steel manufacturers. Some of these blades have been double ground, and with the proper maintenance, all of them will retain a keen sharp edge resist rust and corrosion. All of our knife handles, whether wood or synthetic, are durable, long-lasting, and provide the perfect counter-balance to the steel blade.

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