Santoku Kitchen Knives

The Japanese phrase santoku bōchō means ‘the three virtues”. Our range of knives provide the best tools available for satisfying all three: slicing, dicing and mincing. Design characteristics include aligned blade and handle tops so the two work in harmony, a bilateral cutting edge with a fifteen degree shoulder, and a ‘sheep’s foot’ blade end so that the knife can be worked almost to the tip without the likelihood of injury.

We maintain a range of Santoku solutions because we believe that there is a knife for every occasion and a chef for every knife. We offer three blade lengths of 6", 6.3", and 7", from a number of countries. With these skillfully crafted tools in your kitchen, you can tackle many more delicacies than just the world’s finest sushi. And if that sounds like a challenge, just remember that anything is possible with the right blade from the Versed Chef Santoku Knife.

Top edge knives like these deserve extra special care as they travel with you through life. Remember to add a knife sharpener to your cart. The secret to a perfect edge is to dress it lightly daily.

  • General-purpose kitchen knife
  • Flat edge uses single cuts with less rocking than many western knives
  • Lengths range from 6 to 7 inches (150 mm to 180 mm)

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